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Gardening during winter can be both unattractive and unproductive. However, with good planning, you can get your garden ready for a great season ahead.

Here are helpful tips for gardening in winter

Clean up

pots-716579__180Just before the winter begins it is important that you gather all the garden tools and equipment that you have used over the past few months a give them a thorough cleaning to remove all the dust and rust. Also, you can use a mild disinfectant to disinfect seed trays and pots.

Check Structures

Examine all sheds, gates, fences, and other structures for any sign of weakness or rot and in the case of any defect, get them repaired before the high weeds and snow arrive.

Lawn care

Over the winter months, the lawn will require a bit of a breather, and as such, it is advisable “to keep off the grass.” This means that you should put some effort and get rid of all large weeds, leaves, and moss.


4rdftgyhGive greenhouses and sheds and a good scrub and make an effort to organize all those garden tools you cleaned earlier. Also, spruce up chairs and tables.

The vegetable garden

For your vegetable garden, cover all root vegetables such as carrots and parsnips with 15cm of straws or leaves. This will ensure that they are harvested throughout the winter. Use an old piece of carpet to cover them if snow is forecasted.

Plants and shrubs

Make sure to prune summer- flowering shrubs and also to dead-head autumn-flowering plants before the first frosts. This should be followed by brushing any heavy snow from trees and shrubs to prevent broken branches.


There will massive leaves and cuttings disposed of during this season making it a good time to make a compost bin or heap if you lack one. Those who already have a bin in place should continue giving it a good stir to help with the composting process.


Putting out fat blocks and other food will go a long way in helping local wildlife to survive during the winter as well encouraging frogs, hedgehogs, birds and much more to stay in the garden and they will repay the favor a hundredfold by eradicating many garden pests in the coming year.


Spending a cold winter evening poring over some of the many mail gardening catalogs will help you in a great way to plan for your ideal garden for the coming season.


rxctfghDressing appropriately and protecting yourself against the rigors of winter should be one of your first considerations as you embark on going out there to protect plants, outbuilding, and the local wildlife.